How to improve: Not Field OR reading - Its Field AND reading

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How to improve: Not Field OR reading - Its Field AND reading

Indlægaf Glow » ons 27. jun 2012 18:51

Guys - just wanted to share an important point from my observations on development and whether or not you make a change in your life. This comes from my gaming experiences with several wings.

Observations that makes me think this way (gaming related)
- I have seen several wings who just dont progress despite doing a lot of infield work
- People seem to focus on field over reading without no back ground excet what seems a angryness and emotional belief
- My personal development i can relate to both reading, discussing readings and being in field with a group that pressured me
- my development is not instant, its a slow movement where i read and act and learn - shaping how i act and what i believe. But its a par of a longer process so focus should be on the movement as part of a longer process
- Inner development seems to be a must - all coaches seem to emphasize this and i believe the key is here. But it must be in movement, not isolated.

A step by step model for change or "agilie manouvering"
When we are infield the action of a sarge and a process of development goes through a 4 step loop:
1. We Observe
2. We Orient
3. we decide
4. We act
then the process restarts.
The more loops - the better possibility of changing how you act based on how you orient. But both orientation and actions need to change during the momentum.

Where the magic happens is in the loops where you observe 2) reorient, 4) act differently and 1) observe new happenings
reorientation demands several things
1) New ways to look at something (reading and discussion of observations w wings)
2) New decisions and actions (to do try out something in field)
but i cannot stress how important ALL steps are. It is seducdive to say that the key is to go infield but thats because that is where the apparent success unfolds. But dont underestimate the need for step2 where infield observations, discussions with wings thereoff(to me 1on1 is best here) and readership of theories on the specific area in topic.

Good things to do
* read other successfull peoples logs to observe what is working for them
' Get other peoples feedback on the right things to focus on. especially smart people
* get a wing team that 1) pressures you to act 2) is smart on discussion 3) has momentum . you need to feel progressive energy with your wings. if not. Leave them!
* Read relevant theories - secure understnading of basic principles. And stick with one. Try it out.
* see how you feel along the way. Do checkins. You may discover sexual anxiety, anxiety on day2s whatever. Continue to plow through and create new reference experiences on an emotional level. Force yourself to see the things that happen vs projecting your own fantasies onto the situaitons.
* keep a log. And see your stickies - these are more often emotional and belief based than outer action based for me. Be aware of this.
* keep doing things when you experience success. ground them before moving on.

A few pit falls
- Too much Reading no Field - this will make you arrogant and demotivated as you do not get the feedback and in action experience needed to really understand the dynamics. It will be intellectual masturbation - but you will never se the big punani!
- Too much field no reading - this will make you end up in the same evil circle doing the same mistakes alll over again.
- Reading or talking but being very critical and non accepting - Some wings seem super critical and all the time they develop how they see it vs, following what other people do and seeing the results. This will never help you strecth yourself because youre not going far enough on your treshholds and you dont make new reference points. Try to do what they say in the simple form. Just do it. And then see what happens. Fuck the outcome. do it to experience excactly that thing. Observe. and try again. With the critical approach you're trying to be the master when your really just an inaction infantile here. Stop this - its SUPER arrogant and will kill your progression. You dont evolve. And then you grow frustrated or angry. Learn from the best by mirroring what they say and trying it out a bit blindly! later you can make it your own. I am still doing this despite that i right now am running more 8+ girls than i can handle. There are so many areas i am still infantile at. To best grow there i step in as an infantile and see what comes. The outcome is FANTASTIC when you empty your cup and let the actions speak for themselves.
- Working too isolated. A group is to me the best way to create a solid momentum of continuous action. Focus on a field oriented group - reading and discussing you can do by yourself or 1on1 sunday night w. you wing at the seaside/gym etc..
- Depending on the wrong theory that doesnt fit your degree of maturity - A lot of theory is half the truth but claims to be all the thruth. Its very important to choose the right areas of improvement and get the right theories to fit you level. Eg vin di carlo is VERY sofisticated, swing cat as well so YOU should NOT start out with that. It is intellectually appealing to do so cause it sounds theoretically smart but eg. vin dicarlos escalation ladder is WRONG and should be altered a lot. So a god physical escalator can use his ladder but his points does not give you a good structure to give you the needed experiences with girls. Rather it complexifies something which is very simple. Love systems, 60, RSD, AFC adam and other are far better for medium and beginners.

Just a bit of observations that may help you. Im curious on other pitfalls or good things you might see

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