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Ted Ultimate Game Guide

Indlægaf Ted » tirs 12. aug 2014 04:36

Hey Guys,

Welcome to my first post here. I want to SHARE as much as I can from my experiences, the World has been kind to me these last couple of years and now it’s time to give some back.
So let’s begin with the way I do “Online Game”. Enjoy


My name is Peter, I’m 26 and I currently work as a chef and run a few small businesses besides that.
I come from Denmark, but I’ve also lived in Sweden plus I have travelled the world all the way from US, Middle Europe to Asia.
I’m educated Multimedia Designer, where I have previously worked primarily with Social Medias, Programming, Graphics and Branding (These have proven to be very useful skills to have for this topic!).

My background

In my early adult years I was a complete scrub-loser-nerd and I never thought that I’d get a girl, I for sure never thought that it would be possible to get into this state of mind,
with complete abundance and the freedom to just trash and pick the people you want to be around ;)
I have known “TheGame” for about 4 years and I’ve done a lot of online, day and night-game. Especially inner game has given me a lot of confidence and understanding of who I am and what I want in my life.
I use Social Medias especially to promote myself and if you know how to pimp your shit, you can build insaneee social proof with the girls (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

Newbie or Experienced

“Online Game” can be so incredibly useful to Beginners as well as for the more Experienced people.
It’s a good way to step out of your comfort zone. I did not like it at first and thought only losers would use such tools to get girls.
(If I ask a girl why she’s using this or that App/Website for dating, it’s always like a Taboo, and they always make an excuse like “Well my girlfriend forced me to try blabla”, “Well it’s just to find new friends blabla” Erhhh, no – you are using the App or Website for the exact same reason as a dude, to meet a guy, go have fun, get a boyfriend, get laid and whatnot ;)

Seen from the newbie’s perspective:

• Learn how to flirt and joke with women
• Learn how to textgame
• Build your network, get connections and ways to go outside bunker.
• Experience the feeling of abundance (Who cares if this right or wrong. “Feel” abundance and fake it till you make it!)

• Maybe you haven’t had a single date or been with a girl ever. Maybe you can't even speak to girls?

Online is a perfect way to start. You can build comfort and get to know the girl if that’s what you like in case you are really nervous before setting up a date.

(Remember it’s better to go on a date with the HB-1, than to never go on a date at all – you can slowly raise your steaks as you get more experienced!)

The Experienced Perspective:

• You will be able to Network a lot, as well as having girls in different cities.
• You can pick and trash and choose only to chat with the hottest girls and set up dates.
• Test your limits / text abilities.
• Juggle / date / meet many girls in an easy way.
• Make random girls from all locations chase you hard

I personally use all my contacts and new networked people mainly for Business purposes or to just brand myself.) Having a good network you can reach out to is sooooo important.

Getting started, Pictures.

Ok, let’s face it – Online game is a lot about how you look! You haven’t got the same chance to show off your personality in the same way.
Looks is what matters at first and that’s what attracts when girls see your profile. You will want to have ONLY the best pictures of you. So pick a few where you’re dressed up and groomed nicely.
There’s no such thing as trying too hard here ( ! )

1) The Profile Picture

• Find your best picture and make sure you’re standing ALONE, that’s key.
If you haven’t got one, pick your best clothes or put on a nice shirt and take some selfies or get your mum to take a pic of your pretty little face ;)

2) Your Gallery Pictures

Some people in the community use pictures where they’re between a couple of girls, sitting with a hot chick, flashing a lame champagne bottle or something similar.
IMO. This is not necessary at all and I have asked my female friends what they think about it:

• It will scare away some girls.
• It’s lame and makes you look really attention-seeking or try-hard.
• Mostly confident or hot girls with abundance will think it’s cool if you’re sitting next to your hot chick BFF, the rest will not.
• Makes you look unconfident .

Instead you can put an awesome picture with your profession,traveling pics or some passion you have – It will be a subject to talk about and something that will make it easier for the girl to open You if she's interested.
(Me for example, I would use an awesome kitchen picture or a dish since I’m a chef.)

The Biography .

Here you put what You think is funny or interesting, don’t try anything too try-hard or lame(OR SOMETHING THAT YOU COPIED FROM SOMEONE ELSES PROFILE) –
It will make you look stupid If you can’t maintain that frame throughout the conversation.

Please don’t write down your whole lifestory or talk about your moms cat.
Keep it short, funny and possibly informative. A good idea is to link to your Instagram, Flickr or whichever media you’re using.

Do NOT put a link to your facebook, it might come across as if you’re needy,(or hoarding ladies – which we will be with this guide ofcourse :D)

The Dating Application or Website

First of all, this is all pretty basic for all platforms. I prefer to choose Applications where I can spam and have an unlimited number of choices without too much useless info to fill, such as eyecolor, weight, color of your socks, catfood brand and such.

(I actually hate chatting and texting; I will explain later how I deal with that)

My preferred media right now is called “Tinder”, an online App for Smartphone’s. It’s anonymous to use and it will create a “match” if both you and the girl presses the Like button.
There is a lot of different apps that does exactly the same. Lovoo for Germans primarily, Paktor App if you’re in Asia and I’m sure there’s a lot more.

On Tinder you have a profile picture, 6 gallery pictures and a small Bio. Very simple.
But that also requires your profile to be top-notch, if you want to get matched with the hot chicks. As search criteria, you can put Age and Kilometer Radius.

Explaining my game - So how do I pimp it online?

I have created a “Bot-Software” that automatically Likes all girls within the specified Age / Kilometer Range for my Area.

So basically I don’t spend time swiping, The Robot just Likes everyone. (You can do this manually though)
And once I have matches I can Pick or Trash the ones I feel like. (Tinder has a lot of flakes, it’s just a matter of not sending a message to a girl, if you’re not interested- do NOT feel obliged to reply, don’t waste time).
Yes, I know it’s superficial, but I only go for the hottest girls if I’m using the App to try and set up a date. If I just do it to Network I will respond to all kinds of girls, even the bold troll.

Once you have a lot of matches, you can scroll through your list and check the profiles for the girls you find interesting. Then you send them and “Opener”, I tested a lot of different stuff. Some does not work, a simple compliment or “Hi” won’t always make it, unless you look like RSDTylerDurdenClooneyLegolas ;)

I have an awesome opener, that always works. It has a bit of push-pull, compliment, sweetness and a question to it. You should think one out for yourself.

I am willing to share my opener with you if contact me on Facebook. Links below article.

Tip (Warning): The girls that opens You and call you beautiful, are daughters of JabbaTheHutt, take care.

Copy paste and smear some of that awesomesauce opener onto the girls you find interesting and make sure you use some smileys. B*tches löveees smileys (y)

The conversation.
I am not going to go into details with how to text-game. That is a different topic and requires a certain amount of skill to master. Just try to be witty and push-pull a bit, without going over the edge. IF THE CONVERSATION STOPS, just change the topic and ask another question as if nothing happened. Do the same if she asks some lame question or tries to test You – Change the topic.

Close the daymn deal SON!

Pretty simple, just find some lame excuse to stop chatting and get her number or facebook.
This way it’s easier to set up a date later and like I said earlier - I hate texting or chatting really, mass messaging and getting down to business is the best.

“Me: Haha so yeah anyway I gotta go, your so cool, do you have facebook,instagram,snapchat,can I have your number”

“Me: I’m so busy / I’m just driving, can you send me your facebook it’s easier to chat there”

“Me: I’m going to delete this Tinder crap, want to stay in touch?”

Or I just ask for number, facebook or whatever. If you have created good emotions and joked with the girl you will get facebook or number guaranteed. Since I started using Tinder I never got the close denied.
And guess what, if she doesn’t give it to you – FCK DAT SHT, you have tons of matches you just delete her and move on ;)

I usually write MAX of 5-10 messages and then I really can’t be bothered to write more.
Once you’ve done that just go for the close. You can usually feel/screen if the vibe in the conversation is good. For newbies this might require a lot more messages, but that’s cool.

Also get their Facebook to see if they just were lucky to have 6 pictures where they look like a decent human specimen. FYI that’s not always the case ( ! ! ! ) .

Make sure that your facebook looks good. Clean up boring/old/crappy/ex-gf pictures and get rid of useless crap. Try to pimp it abit with your interests, passions or travel pics.




3-WAIT FOR REPLY -> CHAT. (Or upload an awesome moment and they will write you)



So lets say that you have reached 1.000 matches and you’ve used the same opener on the matches you like.
Go to the search field and Copy/Paste your opening line – This will give you an overview of the girls that YOU decided to open, and you can see the ones that replied.

And yeah this stuff works on all kind of Apps / Website platforms and “Botting” can be done on most if that’s what you want. I’m doing it for my Personal Instagram and Business Instagram aswell.
So far I’ve had 3 Tinder Accounts, once I picked all the hotties I deleted and started over or made a new Facebook. It can be a good idea to create a new Facebook and just upload the pictures you want to use for your Tinder there.
My 2nd and 3rd account reached 1.500+ matches within 4-5 hours and with some real cute dimes inbetween! That was after I understood how to do this properly.

I will set up your Tinder, Get you matches, Run my bots on your Tinder/IG/Whatever profile, Make Graphics, Pictures and so on for a small fee.
Contact me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peter.jespersen.7
Instagram: #PeterJJJ
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZemjFyV3XM

Below pics are examples of a profile and such

Peace Out
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Re: Ted Ultimate Game Guide

Indlægaf Ted » tors 14. aug 2014 02:25

Anyway so far I've helped 22 people with their profiles, all with success :)
I get many requests still, so if someone wants my help I will ask a small fee since it takes up all my time.

Peace out
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