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Tinder Closes Tråden

Indlæg: man 8. sep 2014 08:12
af Kaizer
Post jeres Tindersamtaler til inspiration, jo flere forskellige input og stilarter desto bedre


Kaizer: Would not kick you out of bed
Girl: Even if I Dutch ovened you?
Kaizer: Is that a slang term for some sort of sexual act?
Kaizer: Haha, just looked it up, you are a sick bastard ;)
Girl: Haha, you were asking for it with that charming opening line.
Kaizer: So do you Dutch Oven on first date? ;)
Girl: On first dates I usually discuss literature and feminism, Occasionally over cookies and milkshakes.
Kaizer: Waaau very sophisticated :) I like cookies though
Kaizer: Im pretty new to this Tinder thing
Girl: Cookies are a good way to facilitate conversation. What brought you to Tinder?
Kaizer: you enjoy studying english literature?
Kaizer: Haha
Kaizer: Hopefully meet some people, Im fresh off the boat
Girl: I love English literature, although I am not as learned as I'd like to be.
Girl: Where are you from?
Girl: Are you Danish like ___?
Kaizer: Named after him actually, and _____
Kaizer: Do you actually study it?
Girl: Really? That's very cool. I am impressed. I was named after a children's book character which is less cool.
Girl: I did. But not anymore. I usually wanted to just talk about how interesting the books were without critiquing them academically haha
Girl: What do you do in _____?
Kaizer: Haha, how cute :) So now you work at McDonalds or something and write haiku poems on your break? Im study here at RMIT
Girl: Oh ouch. What a cruel assessment! But dangerously close to the truth. I know RMIT pretty well. What do you study? How to insult girls?
Kaizer: You can make me a burger anytime, would guess you had a very graceful and poetic way of flipping them.. Or you liked milkshake better? :) Well I actually study Anthropology, the teasing cute girls part is only for fun
Girl: Alright your insane flirting is getting out of control. It seems like the only way to get you to stop is to meet you for a milkshake in person
Girl: How about Tuesday?
Kaizer: Well, I have been practicing my lines on my sister. Tuesday might do, write me your number :)
Girl: Its _____, Im free late afternoon so that will have to work for you too


Kaizer: Hello Helena 23
Girl: Hello Kaizer xx
Girl: Where is your name from?
Kaizer: Guess? Hint: actually a country where many girls are called Helena ;)
Girl: Oh really I didn't know there was such a country! And Helena is spelled the same way?
Kaizer:: Never heard of Helena Christensen?
Girl: Ooo you are Danish! I knew it had to be somewhere up there
Girl: Im brazil! they have Helenas too, that's where I'm from
Kaizer: Haha, sounds like you have had some experience with Scandinavian guys? ;) I actually know a Helena from Brazil, but most of my brazilian friends are called Renata or Renato
Girl: Hahaha no I don't actually know any Scandinavian guys! Brazil does have a lot of Renatos and Guilherme and Rodrigo
Girl: So what is a Danish guy doing in ___?
Kaizer: Actually Denmark is often referred to as the Nordic Brazil, we are a bit more upbeat than the typically Nordic person. Im here as an exchange
Kaizer: don't know if I forgot so say this, but you are absolutely cute! What are you here for?
Girl: Haha, thank you! Exchange at a university? I've been living here for 10 years, my parents decided to come
Kaizer: Yeah, Im at RMIT university in the city :) What are you doing here.. professional footballer?
Girl: Hahaha no not at all.. I studied biomedicine but I'm working in accounts department of a pathology company at the moment
Girl: What are you studying?
Kaizer: I study Anthropology
Kaizer: Okay, do you enjoy this city and what would be your favorite place to show me one day if you had to?
Girl: Ahhh interesting! Yes I like this city! And there's plenty of places to show you, but it depends where you have already been
Girl: There's beaches, parks and food.. and shopping
Kaizer: Sounds like an adventure, I was at the botanic garden today in the sun, so beautiful. Only thing missing was a beautiful girl on my side ;)
Kaizer: Do you live south near the beaches?
Girl: Hahaha yeah I live the botanic gardens! I live in Malvern east now but I used to be in the port near the beach
Girl: How long are you in ___ for?
Kaizer: Okay that's far,, do you have a car then for when you need to get to work?
Kaizer: Been here since Juli, when it was cold and snowing
Girl: Nah, I don't drive to work, I catch the train.. I don't have my own car but I use my parents haha
Girl: This city must be really warm for you though
Kaizer: You mean because of my hair? :D well its getting warmer now, I like it, I get freckles!
Girl: Hahaha no because you come from a really cold country! But your hair is awesome
Kaizer: Thanks, that was cute of you. Why don't you write me your number Helena? :)
Girl: Yeah of cause! It's ______

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Indlæg: man 8. sep 2014 08:25
af Kaizer
#3 "I raise cats in my apartment"

Kaizer: Hi there
Girl: Hey
Girl: How are u?
Kaizer: Hey cutie, Im good ;)
Kaizer: and you?
Kaizer: what are you up to?
Girl: Working :( how about you?
Girl: What do you do?
Kaizer: On my way to class :)
Kaizer: Doing anything tonight?
Girl: Just got this. My Tinder is shit
Girl: What do you study?
Kaizer: Mine too, you can just write your number
Kaizer: I raise cats in my apartment
Girl: You study that? How many do you have?

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Indlæg: man 8. sep 2014 12:39
af Bark
Er det dine egne eksempler, dem her? :D

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Indlæg: man 8. sep 2014 13:14
af Kaizer
Bark skrev:Er det dine egne eksempler, dem her? :D

Ja, det mine samtaler fra i går af.

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Indlæg: tirs 9. sep 2014 21:48
af Moderator
Fik kun facebook closet, hun bor i Randers haha.
Ville nok sætte hende som en 7'er, også bare for at vise at man bare kan sende sådan en afsted, hvis man bliver lidt træt af at skrive med dem.

Hende: :oops:
Mig: Så fine smileys har jeg ikke, er lidt gammeldags :)
Mig: Så du tordenvejret igår aftes? :)
Hende: Desværre.. Der var ingenting her :-)
Mig: Ærgerligt, det var nu ellers meget flot.
Mig: Hvad ville du lave, hvis penge ikke var en hindring?
Hende: Så ville jeg bosætte mig i udlandet.. Få en luksus tilværelse og drømmefyren :-)
Mig: Specifikt sted, eller bare varmere end Danmark?
Hende: Australien måske :-)
11 dage senere
Mig: Er ik så tit på tinder, men vil gerne skrive videre med dig :)
Mig: Dit nr?
Hende: Kan det ske på face, da jeg ingen mobil har lige pt :-)
Mig: Selvfølgelig, hvad hedder du? :)
Hende: Facebook-navn

Endte med at afslutte på facebook, men døde i interaktion fordi jeg ikke magter at tage til Randers ..
Sætter nok min grænse ned :D

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Indlæg: tirs 9. sep 2014 23:06
af Kaizer
#4 Cockblocked by Clayton

Kaizer: Sorry if this comes across as shallow, but you are fucking cute
Girl: Hi!
Girl: Thanks :)
Girl: I think you’re cute too
Kaizer: Aww, you are a nice girl. My mom told me to get one of you ;)
Girl: Thats sweet of you
Girl: What are you doing now
Kaizer: Right now Im procrastinating starting on a paper. Want to help? ;-)
Girl: I would if I could
Girl: What’s the paper on?
Kaizer: More with the procrastinating part..
Kaizer: With a glass of wine and some serious flirting perhaps ;)
Girl: Count me in ;) haha
Kaizer: Doing anything now?
Girl: Not really
Kaizer: Come meet me
Girl: Meet where?
Kaizer: ______*min adresse*
Girl: Is that where you live?
Girl: Im at Clayton <- som så er en bydel 20+ kilometer væk, finder jeg ud af :////
Kaizer: Thats my address :)
Kaizer: Write your number
Girl: _________
Girl: :)
Girl: Yours?

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Indlæg: tirs 9. sep 2014 23:36
af Kaizer
Efter de har givet nummeret, så skriver jeg

"Thanks darling, Im sending you a dick pic so you know its me ;)"

og sender følgende billede på sms ... 5.png?dl=0

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Indlæg: fre 12. sep 2014 05:40
af Kaizer
#5 Turkish girl

Kaizer: So sad you are already leaving me :/ <- stod hun forlader byen d.15 i hendes bio
Girl:Haha you are funny
Kaizer: So last weekend in Melb what are you up to?
Girl: Tomorrow I will see the nutcracker ballet
Girl: And then not much else I guess
Kaizer: Nutcracker .. sounds painful :P
Girl: Haha
Kaizer: If you are funny too, I would like to get to know you
Girl: Well I am not interested in having a one night stand
Girl: So if you are talking to me for sex
Girl: Then you would be disappointed
Kaizer: Wow I just met you, easy :P
Kaizer: Just be normal
Girl: Well most guys on tinder only want sex
Kaizer: Haha ok
Girl: I just assumed that this is probably what you also want
Kaizer: Would like to meet you first if that's okay? :D
Girl: Sure :)
Girl: But first
Girl: Can you prove that you are not a serial killer? :)
Girl: Are you on Facebook?
Kaizer: Im not a serial killer :)
Kaizer: My Facebook is ___
Girl: Ok I will add you
Kaizer: Thats what a serial killer would do :P
Kaizer: nice last name by the way, very Turkish
Girl: Haha thanks
Girl: You are Danish right?
Kaizer: No I'm Turkish , I'm from Ankara
Girl: Haha
Kaizer: Herhaba <- hej
Kaizer: Köpek <- hund
Girl: Did you just google that?
Girl: Merhaba
Kaizer: Noo!
Kaizer: Have some faith
Girl: Haha
Girl: My mom is from Ankara btw
Girl: Which part of Ankara are you from
Girl: Which neighborhood????
Girl:I am pretty sure you can't google that
Kaizer: the Danish?
Girl: Haha
Kaizer: where they sell the Rød Grød
Girl: I worked on a danish boat last year in the caribbean
Girl: The boat was called ___
Girl: And it was an awful boat
Girl: But the danish people were nice
Kaizer: That's Denmark, a lot of awful boats
Kaizer: nice people and stuff
Girl: And I have heard that Denmark is beautiful
Girl: What are you doing in this city?
Kaizer: Student on exchange, what about you?
Girl: I am just traveling
Kaizer: Adventure :D
Kaizer: I like you
Girl: haha slow down you don't even know me
Girl: I could be a serial killer
Girl: Or an old man..
Kaizer: When do you even know someone? We could all be serial killer, sometimes you just gonna have some faith
Girl: You are right
Kaizer: Good girl :)
Girl: Where are you studying
Kaizer: ___
Kaizer: In the city
Girl: Would you like to meet sometime tomorrow?

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Indlæg: fre 12. sep 2014 20:31
af Faimes
Kan vi ikke få lidt statistik?

Hvor længe tager Closes, hvad er kvaliteten? Hvad er pigernes dannelses-niveau samt udseende?

Samtalerne lyder nice - men der er kæmpe forskel, hvis det er 1 ud af 10, og 1 ud af 1000 :-)

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Indlæg: lør 13. sep 2014 04:05
af Kaizer
Det ved jeg ikke, så længe jeg har det sjovt samt møder og har regelmæssigt sex med min type piger, så er jeg efterhånden ligeglad