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ijjjji method v1

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Eat natural and varied. 5-6 lesser meals pr day. Some proteins in every
meal/snack. Avoid hunger. Eat fat from meat and nuts. Reduce alcohol and drugs.
Do full body wo's 3 times a week. Lift heavy but watch out for injuries. Do big
exercises that demand balance and coordination.
Avoid stress and get lots of sleep.

Always be clean and groomed. Always smell good. Dress in ways that make you
stand out from the crowd. Clothes must be on the edge. Amplify with
accessories. When buying clothes, think about your style - not the current

Always be pleased with yourself. Let nothing harm your confidence. Remember
successes and forget mistakes after you learned from them.
View improvement as an effect of your persona and as part of a pattern - not as
result of a good day. See failures as temporary effects of a bad day.
Do not over analyze in search for answers to everything. Never think about the
status in your life. Stop thinking that girls are something fundamentally
important. Realize you will be happy no matter what. Stop seeing girls as
potential girl friends. See them as a source of entertainment, fun and

Say affirmations with lots of feeling. Say them with confident masculine voice.
Some examples:
"I'm alpha and masculine! I got deep voice and I'm perfect! I'm confident and
"Why are all girls crazy about me? Why am I so charismatic, magnetic and
irresistible? Why am I so confident and unstoppable? Why am I a first class
"All girls are horny, and I'm what they want and need!"
"God had a boner when he created me! Chairs orgasm when I sit in them! I'm the
most powerful warm wet pussy magnet in the universe!"

Create a clear, detailed and vivid mental picture of what you want in life.
Find the feeling that will come when you get there. See the picture and feel
the feeling as often and as intensively as possible.
Eliminate negative thoughts from your system. Eliminate sources of negativity
from your life (news, soaps, negative friends, AFC songs, negative posts etc).
Let the positive thoughts, feelings and mental pictures dominate. Choose to be
happy, confident and positive - no matter what.

Don't do things only to make others like you.
Never be nice. Never adjust yourself.
Reward - never give (thing, help/service, attention, time). Never do anything
on the conditions of others - squeeze in your own conditions.
Never try to impress (brag, say intelligent/interesting/cool things, over act,
talk about your friends/exes/things you own etc.)

Don't show too much interest early on.
Never follow her and never wait for her without good reason. Be ok with her
leaving. Show willingness to leave.
Do not try to analyze her. Stop caring about her interest in you. Accept that
girls are unpredictable. Remain fully calm and confident when girls do bizarre
things to control their feelings.
Always look like you just had great sex - a little tired, hair a little untidy,
disinterested, arrogant, not needy, like you got better things to do.
Do not hide your sexuality in fear of rejection. Act on it when you are horny,
and never let the outcome affect your mood negatively.
Stop caring what people think of you and show it.

Never lean in. Do not turn too much against her early on - show more back than
her. Do not face her all the time and don't give her all your attention.

I'm the prize - no girl are better or more valuable than me!
This is my world - others come into my world - not vice versa.
Girls are crazy after me - I need protection!
I'm a fantastic lover.
I'm 100% pleased with myself.

Be 100% masculine at all times.
Always be dominant and in control. Take charge - be the leader - the boss. Do
everything with authority. Instruct - never ask. Never seek approval.
Show that you got limited respect for her and that you are not subdued by
social norms/rules (scream in her ear, make noise, laugh and sing loudly, pull
her hair, pinch her ass, grab her and bite her neck, shout about farting and
ass fucking, laugh and admit you are a jerk etc)
Never show a soft emotional side. Don't show interest in her thoughts and

Talk with a dominant tone. Speak slow, deep, rhythmic, clear and relaxed, like
you are not in a hurry and got full control. Copy the way air plane pilots talk
to their passengers. Make breaks that create anticipation before you get to the
point, and breaks where you underline the point with gestures and meaningful
eye contact.

Spread yourself out and fill as much space as possible, when you stand, sit and
Move extremely slow and relaxed. Cross rooms like a king headed for his throne.
Every movement including head and eyes shall be slow and dramatic.
Move focus/attention rarely. Ignore everyone and everything that doesn't
deserve the boss' attention.

Touch her confidently - never insecure, careful or testing.
Handle her like a doll - grab her and control her movements. Hold her and lead
her - change directions, speed etc so you manipulate her movement. Tell her how
to do things while you grab her and show her the movements. Lift her up and
spin around when you hug/kiss her. Help her with getting clothes off /on.
Lift/carry her over obstacles.

I'm the boss and I got full control. I own the guy who owns this place. I'm
Zeus - its my duty as god to fuck the nymphs!

Male heroes in films and romantic novels share a few traits that many girls
dream of. Be these things:
Impression: Strong, muscular, tough, hard, big hands, powerful, alpha,
dominant, protective, masculine, confident, will power, determination, untamed,
rough edges, moody, dark,dangerous, mystic, raw, rough, devilish, wild.
Personality: integrity, identity, pride, honor, sense of humor, self irony,
charming, charismatic, flirty, passionate, good kisser, rough lover.
Hidden qualities: weaknesses, wounds, faults, openness to learning and growth,
caring, attentive, tender (the clue with these is that he does a everything in
his power to hide them).

Be relaxed, laid back, unworried and comfy. Feel safe, secure and confident.
Feel happy and great about yourself. Trust yourself.
Open a few girls quickly (3s rule) before you do anything else.
Avoid being passive. Never stand still and observe.
'Let go' and throw yourself into action. Join in, do something, be part of the
action, dig the music, move/walk around, take the lead, wave and talk to people

Focus on your feelings. Let your feelings get carried away by music or
something happening.
Avoid deep thinking - don't analyze - turn off inner dialogue. Forget status,
plans and agenda. Avoid mirrors, clocks and other 'thought triggers'.

Eye contact must be confident», meaningful and firm - not timid, questioning,
analyzing, shy, short, begging or frustrated.

Use funny overdramatized facial expressions for underlining and vibing.
Examples: Puppy dog - overly sad face with huge eyes. Dignity - turn head
sideways and stare towards the horizon with low eye lids and straight neck.
(Look out for new ones among your friends and when watching movies and

Don't talk too much. Don't try too hard to keep conversation alive - don't try
to fill empty pauses. Don't be too enthusiastic and interested in what she
says. Don't remember too much what she has said. Don't answer too quickly.
Don't tell about yourself unless she asks.
Avoid thought stimulating talk like questions, problems, plans, logic,
explaining, analyzing, advice, argumentation/defense, fascinating, interesting,
intelligent, analytical, theoretical, professional.
Always pump positive emotions - never dwell on the negative.
Never talk without subcommunication - subtext/hidden messages, body language»,
facial expressions and meaningful eye contact.

Be fit!
Be clean/groomed!
Be the prize!
Be the man!
Be in a strong confident state!
Be sexual!

Be in a sexual state. Show it by doing stuff like: Play with something in your
hands. Straighten hair/clothes. Touch your face, neck and body. Turn more and
more towards her. Move closer. Open relaxed body language». Relaxed smile. Low
relaxed eye lids. Sensual eye contact. Whisper like voice. Lick upper lip. Bite
lower lip. Look down with 'sad' eye brows. Scan her body slowly with eyes.
Stare at lips. Open mouth with long breath. Turn head sideways slightly
backwards to expose carotid artery. Short heavy breathing.

Attitude and body language» must be 100% the man and 100% the prize.
Avoid approaching too directly - talk to her as you pass her or while facing
another direction or while in conversation with others.
NEG her if she doesn't show interest and enthusiasm.

Be cocky!
Tease her about wanting you, that you can't be a couple, that you are not her
type, that she should try to seduce another guy etc.
Bust her playfully on everything she does and says.
Pretend like you are searching for a polite way to leave her.
Tell her she is seducing you and beg her to stop.
Say things with hidden sexual messages (subtext) - use a lot of symbolic words:
wet, moist, stream, pump, warm, open, grow, big, rise, stiff, hard, hidden,
secret, good, from behind, in, deeper, slide, penetrate, ecstasy, bliss, come,
suck, lick, tongue, mouth, adventure, feel, rhythm, wave, fantasy, wild,
untamed, intense.
Look at her like she said something dirty. Paraphrase stuff she says into a
sexual context and tell her she's a naughty girl.

Be mystical - don't say everything - indicate and say things indirectly. Hint
towards secrets and double meanings with body language», facial expressions and
Ask her to guess. Give obvious bull shit answers.
Become distracted or cut yourself off or change subject just before you reach
the point.
Fractionate attention when there's a spike in her interest. Look and talk to
other girls. Turn away from her. Go toilet. Fall into deep thought. Look

Butt bump, spank, tackle, push, spin, tickle/prickle, pinch, pull hair,
wrestle, lift, shake.
Point somewhere and stick a finger in her belly. Pretend to kiss her hand but
kiss our own instead.

Focus on being the prize and the man if she does things to become the prize or
make you less dominant.
Stuff like demands, commands, complains, manipulation, negativity, logic
questions and threats must be met with attraction (cocky busting/teasing,
spanking, tickling or backturn/freezeout). Never with direct/honest answer,
frustration, neediness or rapport seeking.
If she complains about you, agree and ask if that's why you make her so horny.

Never seek rapport. When she seeks rapport, give her a little bit, but never
enough to satisfy her. Then return to attraction.
Do not try to build trust, comfort and feeling of safety. Don't try to be kind
and considerate. Don't try to be her friend.
Avoid rapport that is feminine, friendly, careful, considerate or insecure.

Be the man by using an impulsive and confident caveman style.
Rub, don't squeeze or pinch. Use slow deliberate movements.
Touch her close to eregenous zones and pull back.
Touch yourself with her hands.
De-escalate kino after escalation.

Create an innocent reason why you should go together to her or your place. Then
take charge and make it happen.
If conversation dies, look her in the eyes and say nothing.
Smell her neck slowly from shoulder to hair line. "Mmmmm!" Do it again while
gradually making it more like kissing and biting. Continue up and nibble her
earlobe gently and continue along her chin towards her mouth. Pull back before
you reach her mouth. Then grab her head and kiss her cave man style. Pull back
again etc. Continue taking steps forwards and backwards until she is ready for
Let your sexual state affect everything you do. Show her you got problems
concentrating. Make it obvious what you think about.
Be the man in bed.


1 Material suited for opening

1.1 Just say something!

Right now I wanted to talk to you - hi my name is ijjjji!
My evil twin told me to talk to you!
My invisible friend told me to talk to you!
Question - my shirt! I know its nice but I'm worried maybe its too sexy!
Question - you the jealous type? Ok, so if I was your BF, I could still drink
coffee with my ex once a week?

1.2 Compliment/NEG

Aww so nice hair - is it real? (pull hair) But it moved!
Wow.. beautiful eyes.. especially the right one!
Cute teeth - are they real?
Nice nails - are they real?
Wow.. I can see you work out.. now and then..
You're pretty - you could have been a model.. if you were a little taller.. and
a little thinner..
You look sexy from behind!
Nice outfit you're almost wearing!

1.3 Impression /mini cold read

Bad girl!
Naughty girl!
Wow.. party girl!
You are trouble! I shouldn't be talking to you!
There is something mystical about you! You give me a strange feeling..
You look like you are hiding something!
I can't trust you!
Aww you look just like.. a little angel!
Aww you look just like.. a little princess!

1.4 Cocky, disqualify

Wow.. you are almost as sexy as me!
You look happy - did you just fart?
Aww... you are soooo cute! I want to adopt you!
Wow - your eyes are the same color as my porsche!
Sooo... I heard you wanted to fight me! Cool.. then we can have hot make up sex
Awww you are so cute from behind - I had to see the rest! (She asks what you
think) On a scale from 1 to 10.. guess!
I lost my teddy (puppy dog face).. would you sleep with me?

Aww you are soo cute.. but we could never be a couple - we are too much the
same.. we would fight and throw things and have incredible make up sex all over
the place and fight more then sex fight sex fight.. too much drama and intense
Aww you are soo cute.. I almost forget I'm not looking for a relationship right
Wow.. I could marry a girl like you.. but I'd divorce you a week later and take
all the money and let you keep the dog.
Are you rich? Aww I need a rich GF who can support me while I start a boy band
- The Whatever Boys! But hey - I need groupies too! But you don't look like
groupie material - she can be my groupie and you can be my manager! Yeah!

2 Other attraction material

2.1 Cocky, disqualify, frame stealing

Aww I love you.. like a sister!
You want to kiss and hug me but I wont let you.
You want me so much but we can't risk losing this wonderful friendship!
I'm no good for you - he is cute - he suits you - you look cute together!
Let me see (grab hand) see, your good girl line is very long.. and look at this
long bad boy line - we could never be a couple!

Shit! A poisonous snake bit me in the testicles - you got to help me suck out
the poison - now!
Can I kiss your belly button from the inside?
Look! (Point and stick a finger in her belly)
(Bump her) OMG you're so drunk you can't walk!
You are trying to resist me but forget it - I'm irresistible!
Girls wait in line to be with me!
Why do you think I'm so sexy? But you look at me like a priest looking at an
alter boy!
Its hard to be a sex symbol!
Won't you get too aroused if I sit this close?
My friends are jealous because mine is bigger!
OMG I think I love me!
I'm hard - are you wet?
My bedroom has a very interesting ceiling!
You could be the president.. of my fan club!
OMG you are so nice! Wait - there is a stain on your halo (pretend to rub her
halo).. there - now you are a perfect little halo girl!

Hey - no matter how drunk you get me, you can't have my body tonight! I'm not
that cheap!
Hey - stop looking at me like a piece of meat - I'm a human being.. I have
You can come but no sex! I'm tired of being treated like a piece of meat - I'm
a human being.. I have feelings!
Stop looking at me like a fat kid looking at a cheese burger!
You can have my number, but that doesn't automatically mean I'll sleep with

2.2 DLV

I'm shy.
I'm a virgin.
My dick is extremely small!
I'm an unemployed loser - I live with my mom.
I'm so lonely - no friends - tonight I'll cry myself to sleep.
I'm an anal sex addict.
I'm no good! I cheat, lie and dump girls on valentine's day.
(Phone rings) What? I don't have friends! Ah its mom!
(During #close) I got phone phobia - is it ok if I make my mom call you?

2.3 Guessing

I'm an angel - one more good deed and I'll get my wings!
I'm a traveling underwear inspector!
I'm a freelance gynecologist - how long is it since your last check?
I'm a gigolo.. but relax - friendship is free!
I'm an orgasmologist!
I'm 16 - 16 and unkissed!
You are.. 60! Hehe just kidding! Hey I was only kidding! You are.. 16 - sweet
16! 17 18 19! I refuse to believe you are older than 19!
Aww I cant bee with X year olds.. only X-1 and X+1 year olds!
Can't tell you all my secrets yet - I just met you!
Its a secret! I don't know you well enough yet!
Blabla.. OMG I said too much!

2.4 Breaks

Aaawww.. you got an X.. no - don't show me that!
Mmmm you got so cute eyes.. no.. don't look at me! Its a bad idea! Stop giving
me these feelings!
Mmmm it feels so good.. I'm so relaxed.. No! We got to stop! This is a bad idea
- we can't have these feelings!
Stop tempting me to kiss you!
Aww that smell is so good! No! Don't let me smell that! We can't do this!
It can never work between us.. shit your skin is so soft!
Wow.. wait.. what are you doing to me!?
OMG I'm so attracted to you.. but I'm scared and shy.. I got to go now!


Ultra major credits to: TylerDurden

Super major credits to: formhandle, Gunwitch, jlaix, Style, Mystery

Major credits to: IN10SE, Superslicka, ThePresident, Dreem, Tommy227,
Pimpjuice, Pap

Credits to: BLscorpZ, CheMistry, Harmless, Mmasters, Radical, Jimbo, Proto,
Wild Bard, scoob, zyxwxy, NeoRio, zarathustra_fi, mrhviid, HedgeKilla, Kooper,
Coolwater, Dreamer, Chaco, BadBoy, croBadBoy, Snowcub, Cooljoe, Schematic,
Lowrider, DVS, ozwald1, Maxxwell Bond, Dr.Smooth, Nightblue, Nilatak and many
many more (please mail your mASF user name to ijj***i@ya***.com[ ? ] if your name
deserves to be in this list)
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