Gratis Skype Q&A

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Gratis Skype Q&A

Indlægaf Satchmo » søn 9. aug 2015 19:58

Ham her fra Canada holder Skype Q&A's, tjek det ud:

I'm holding a FREE skype coaching session on Skype at 2 PM EST. That's in another 1.05 hrs. Ask me questions, pick my brain, real the "Truth" on how to own the social space, your life and yourself. No bs, no play here, only the TRUTH being talked because I be walking it for close to 20 years. Add me on Skype now. Spacing is limited. Walk away with a better understanding and deep, visceral feeling of empowerment after I'm done with you than you will have with anyone else who you have sought coaching from. I can guarantee you! Once again, add me on Skype if you want the truth on how to master the game of "life". Skype user is maaximumman. See you on at 2 PM ESt. Omar(Founder,

Hans Skype navn er: Omar Khan
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Tilmeldt: ons 5. aug 2015 12:29

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