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Notes of PIMP

Indlægaf Kaizer » ons 24. feb 2016 13:23

02: Female Psychology
What is attraction? = Think of what would make an alfa caveman attractive
Behavioural cues, not visual . Its in the sub-communicated behavioral patterns. the way you act.
- (raw attraction) Dominance, resourcefulness, decisiveness, fearlessness, grounded, free, loud, self-assertive
- (validation) Social intelligence, validation, climbing up the social ladder

Reason it takes women a lot more time to sleep with someone. Like a volume-knob, rather than light-switch
- Sex is a bigger investment for a woman. Needs time to asses behavioral cues.

Attraction is an emotional, not logical. What she says logically is rarely what she emotionally responds to
“I want a nice guy, who takes care of me, gentleman,dates” ect. -> but goes for the biggest asshole around
- Women are emotional because they had to form emotional bounds to children, maintain harmony, ect.
- Change mood, not mind. You cannot logically convince a women to sleep with you.
Ultimately human being are just going to do, what their emotions tell them to do. Faced with an asshole, she feels Value, survival, reproduction, good emotions.
Women live in the emotion of the moment, and backwards rationalize. Big mac (emotions) instead of salat.
-Women saying they want a nice guy is a way of dissipate the tension between who they think they are (“Im a good person, I will go for the salat and never be unhealthy”) , and their biological drive. Look beneath the surface.
- Often girls are not self aware, don’t listen to them, they live in a life of rationalization and bullshit. Being knocked out by Mike Tyson does not make you a boxing champion or give you authority to teach boxing.
example of backwards rationalization: If you fuck a girl as soon as possible, she is more likely to become your girlfriend ,because of the huge investment girls take when having sex + rationalizing it as love to not be viewed as slut.
-> “the guy was special, there was magic in the air, he swept me off my feet”

Emotional vs logical convincing: When trying to convince a girl to do something aka go home with you, never say ”let’s go fuck”. Logically she will never agree to that, because crosses with her ideal vision of herself.
But if you start kissing her, making out, fingering her -> emotional build-up to turn her on -> her mind will cause her to follow her emotions, go fuck you, and backwards rationalize. Change her mood, not her mind. Focus on sub comm.
-> be man-to-woman, strong eye-contact, breaking report tonality (commanding and challenging voice), be physical,
Three best emotions/subcomm to turn a girl on, and you can bounce between all of them:
1) Adding to the fun, being fun, fun, fun, then sex is just adding to the upwards spiral of fun. Vegas vs Connecticut.
2) Challenging; emotional spike that adds polarity, push-pull , baseline of flirting, “Are you x/y/z!? , interesting/eww!”
3) Commanding; breaking report tonality, ordering and telling her thoroughly what’s up. Hey! I’m Julien! she feels masculine energy.

Women love sex:
Girls have had multiple seksual partners. If you in the right circumstances,aka isolation she feel fuck a guy
Don’t be insecure, paranoid, ect about her cheating.
But have two personalities, one for people they find attractive, another for those they don’t. Provider vs Lover; one who taps into raw attraction, someone who is non-judgmental tense about sex , hence allow her to let loose. secret society.
Double standards of society. Opposite guys a risk of bad reputation if sleeping around, so they aviod admitting it.

Mike the Boss & ‘The Two Brains of a Woman’:
Let her feel that it is okay & cool -> ‘Mike the Boss’-metaphor, there is always an eye in the back watching her.
It is a metaphor for the socially conditioned mind (logic brain) interfering with the emotional.
Make her feel comfortable, drag her away from responsibility and take all the accountability off her shoulders. a matter of being socially savvy, helping her with the rationalization.
-> There is always a ‘Mike the Boss’ watching, whether it is the friends who are judging, the environment, yourself, address it and make her feel comfortable, offer the rationalizations her logical brain, so she can follow her emotions.
Ex: isolate her, drag her behind a corner or pole ect.
If she is very turned on, she will often come up with the rationalizations herself.

Selective blindspot: “all girls are sex craving maniacs”,” all girls are in love with me”
Take on the belief, that you are not trying to trick them into anything.

03: Inner game
Being the sex-worthy “asshole”, real/raw man with masculine polarity.
Four pillars of sex worthiness:
i) Purposeful
ii) Controlled
iii) Flowing
iiii) Self amused
All these incapsulates a sex-worthy guy. If something is off in the way you approach women, it is not always what you say, but it could very well be in this vibe, aka you are either too much of one, or not enough of one.

You fully commit in whatever you do, never half-assing;
Everything moves in one direction with and intense energy behind it.
Intent, man-to-woman, eye contact, breaking rapport tonality, being physical.
Be certain about it  and the girl will accept it and follow. ‘Being the Boss’ ‘Father/daughter’.

In the sense that the girl reacts to you, you're the boss, you're never rushing, and taking your time.
The person who is reacting the least has highest value; don’t try to prove or qualify yourself.
Grounded/Unreactive, Abundance, ‘Be the buyer not the seller’. Don’t place too much value on a girl.
TV-analogue “that tv looks nice but before I make the purchase I need to find out the specifications/price etc. to see if it meets my needs” ->buyer, not seller; you’re the one choosing the girl you like. Get her to quality herself.

in the sense that you're convos aren't choppy (stifled), rather they have a nice flow and rhythm to them.
Smooth, free, relaxed flow to it all -> Loosning up as the night progresses.
Positive assumptions, assume it will work. Infinite amount of casino chips, You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

you say things for your own amusement, to pump your own state, to get in the zone, and are never doing anything for the girl's reaction. Make yourself feel good and she will feel good! State Transference. Put yourself in the state you want her to be in.
Talk positively/passionately about any thing. You have to game yourself – Love yourself.
"Make it, don't take it, make it, don't fake it."
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Re: Notes of PIMP

Indlægaf Glow » ons 24. feb 2016 18:41

cool lige at se det i tekst igen.
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