Mixed sets - why only go for whats easy!!

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Mixed sets - why only go for whats easy!!

Indlægaf Maggiez » lør 10. dec 2016 20:25

It's always easier to go for the easy targets and the easy sets.. but why not just go for whats attracting you and what your eyes like to see.. and what turns you on??
I used to be a guy who loved approaching mixed sets - and yesterday I started doing it again!!
Back in the days I went in hard on the girls even tho the guys were around.. I completely ignored them. This was working alright to some extend.
But.. why not let the guys work for you and with you instead of competing with them?
If you see a mixed group. Try to walk up to the guy and start small talking with him.. he will most likely befriend you really fast. If not then you have to work around it anyways of course!! ;)
Yesterday I went up to a mixed group and instantly the guy actually told me to talk with one of the girls at the table.. He was maybe afraid that I would take his girl so he instantly gave me another opportunity.
I could have walked up and tried to "steal" the girls from him, but instead he is giving me one of them right away.. no competing, instead.. instantly befriending him. Another guy approach the table. He said I had taken his seat. I instantly give him a handshake and say im just staying there for a few minutes and he was already chilling with me instead of almost wanting to fight me! ;)
Another situation where I approach a guy and a girl.. the girl is all over me after few minutes.
These are just examples of my night yesterday and im just starting to approaching mixed sets again.
My point is just that there is not a lot to be afraid about if you are approaching mixed sets, if you bring the party and being friendly-cool at the same time. If the guy/guys see you as a cool dude why would they put up a fight? As long you are not kissing their girlfriend infront of them.. (getting their phone number is okay tho ;))
Im working with a more easy going and friendly approach to mixed sets, so this is just the beginning.
My point is just that too many gamers are afraid of the mixed sets.. but im telling you just go and approach them it can even some times be free invitations to meet new girls and have sex.
That was it for now.. ofc there is a lot of techniques etc.. you can use like "boyfriend destroying" and so on but I will leave that for another time!! ;)
Keep it up playerz and remember to go for the more challenging sets too instead of only the easy 2 sets or the lone wolfs!! ;)
-All the best.. Maggiez
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