100 % Belief - it's not what you are saying it's how you do

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100 % Belief - it's not what you are saying it's how you do

Indlægaf Maggiez » søn 18. dec 2016 14:23

100 % belief is when you believe in yourself and your actions not 90 % not even 99 % but 100 %.
Why does it matter so much?
If you don't believe in who you are and what you are doing, why would the girl?
But if you believe in what you are doing, you don't need to pull of the sickest shit all the time.. it may look retarded or be stupid, but if you believe in it 100 % it will still work a lot of the times!!
Im not saying you shouldn't try to improve your game. You should at all cost. But when that is said it's not so much what you say and do it's how you say and do it!!
I have tried to be a full out maniac when im out.. and not caring about anything else than closing and "having fun" (while gaming ofc).
Because I believe in myself and my acts I get the closes and so on.. even tho I look like shit atm, working to loose some fat after my down period, it still goes pretty well for me!
I would say the 100 % belief is a very underrated topic both in game and in life!!
Like when im working out with heavy weights in the gym.. if I don't believe that I can take the heavy bench but I do it anyway I will fail.. but if I believe, it will normally go better if it's not too heavy of course!! ;)
If you don't believe in yourself no one will.. maybe your wing will if he's good and maybe your mom!! But that doesn't help you too much in the field when you are approaching girls. Actually if the wing is good and believes in you he can "carry" you a lot in the field, but that's for another topic!
If I go in half hearted I will normally get rejected even tho my opener may be the sickest shit..
If I go in 100 % I may win the girl's heart by saying the most retarded shit ever.
It may not make too much sense for you: "But it's all about game and looks?"
Looks means nothing if you don't believe.. I believe everyone has that good looking friend or knows someone who never closes!!
And most people will also know some ugly retarded fellow who actually pulls!!
I believe that the 100 % belief here has a huge impact on the success at least..
I have turned my game the last weeks from being more mechanical to be more fucking stupid and all over the place.. as long as I believe I have more fun and get more success, at the same time im working on my game and my looks to get the best of all worlds!!
That was a little post for now.. hope you like it, but if not I made it anyways.. so here it is! ;)
Cya in the field lovahboiz!!
-Maggiez is out of here #Gymtime!!
Hey girls, I was not the man you were looking for, but here I am. Got my charm, my swag and my game!
Hey guys, I will cya soon in the field any day anytime call me and I will be your wingman!
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