Coordinate your night out!! Time mangement while going out!!

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Coordinate your night out!! Time mangement while going out!!

Indlægaf Maggiez » man 19. dec 2016 08:57

I have during the last weeks putted up quite a few topics to discuss and im happy with the fact that most people are really awesome to discuss with. I think especially this topic I will hit now.. a lot of people won't agree with. However my point is not that people agree as long as they can see this perspective too and maybe I can see theirs aswell.
Sorry for writing in english, but I can't see myself writing a lot in danish anymore.. since I wanna go international with my pick up sooner or later anyways. I think my english is ok, but im bad with difficult words tho! ;)

This post is about setting goals before the night out first of all.
What is your plan today, which areas of pick up do you wanna practise and how do you wanna practise it?
If you have a wing man you guys need to make sure that you are on the same page.. so discuss how you wanna work as a team if you wanna work as a team of course.
This is not a new approach for me since I have always been doing it, just not as hardcore as I do it now.
Last Saturday Gregersen and me putted up some gaming rules, goals and how we would help each other in different scenarios.
Our goal was in the first three hours to approach all the time.. never be more than 10 minutes each set and always be in set. This is what we call like a "machine gun" approach where you try to see where you can go in a short window of time.. im not saying this is the best way, but it makes you fueled and makes you take a lot of action!!
After 2:00 AM we would be comitting more to sets and if they hook we would stay till we pulled..
Another thing was that we wanted to pull two girls home together, so we were never leaving a buddy behind.

After all this was planned we went out and it went good even tho it was our first time doing it like this. It really helps you to make rules and coordinate the night the best you can. Im not saying things can't change under the night out ofc it can, however it's good to have a specific strategy and gameplay. It can help you more than you think.
Also it will make sure you are not doing the same things again and again, because it should not be the same things you should work on each and every time! ;)
I hope this was interesting at least.. maybe you are doing it already maybe not?
Hopefully cya all soon // Maggiez
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Hey guys, I will cya soon in the field any day anytime call me and I will be your wingman!
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