What is skill in pick up?

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What is skill in pick up?

Indlægaf Maggiez » søn 25. dec 2016 14:18

Skill is not being in a good mood one day and then pulling a girl.
Skill is not being with your friends and then randomly getting a girl from the social circle after few weeks.
Skill won't come if you go out once in a while.
Skill won't come if you are being natural about pick up, instead of actually thinking about what you are doing right and wrong.

I am gonna try to define what other gamers and myself think skill actually is in pick up.
First of all on every level there will be some skill based situations.. but the more of an expert you become you can actually make pretty much everything skill based, so you even get lucky sometimes too just because you did so much with skill already.
I remember when I started people said I was good and dedicated.. but hey I was just a drunk retard gaming randomly around pretty much.. but I did get girls "sometimes"!.
That was more a good mood I was in because of the alcohol which made me get girls not exact skill.
But what is skill then?
Skill is expertise - if you are a natural ofc you can get girls.. but it's like playing a sport for fun.. you will get somewhat good but you will most likely never become insanely good.
Skill on the other hand is a lot of game related things and I will try come with some examples.
In my world skill was from the very beginning of my game to get fast closes. It was what mattered the most to me was the speed. I always wanted to go a little faster a little wilder and a little more crazy.
Im not agreeing with that this is'nt necessarily the best way to see skill.. but at least it is "doing something a bit different!".
Skill in my world is also to do what no one else really is doing, things you couldn't do without skill.
But where the skill and expertise shines through the most is actually in the persistence.
I remember back in the days when I was in Odense, "The priest" told me to approach a hot girl, I failed and him and his friend reapproached and took her home to a threesome at daygame.. I was like oh my god, this guy is insane!!
Things like that is what is skill, it didn't just happend one time like this for him but consistent and all the time..
My wing two days ago also said I did some skilled stuff on daygame. Like I approach with instant hugs saying to the girl that she looked cute, let me give you a hug.. this girl rejected me tho, but then I ran her up reapproached and then she hooked.
I didn't really see this as skill, because it was so normal for me, but for my new wing, this rocked his world!
But if it was Julien who saw it he may not a see it as a skilled scenario. Who knows?
So skill is different from person to person ofc.. what is normal for someone can be skilled for someone else..
But real skill for me at least is to do crazy stuff all the time everytime.. it's not just a skill I strive for.. it's also my drug.
Ofc good pulls are cool, but if you are doing the same thing over and over and not pushing yourself out of you comfortzone you are not improving, so what you are doing may not keep being skilled.
Im really against playing it safe.. try new things and you may get even better results.
Anyway this post was about to discuss, what skill is in pickup.. now I gave some examples and said what I think skill is about.. what do you guys think?
- Maggiez
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Re: What is skill in pick up?

Indlægaf Glow » søn 25. dec 2016 16:54

Fuck! I just got really angry

Guys - dont remove - please report to the police to find out the ones who posted this hellish shit! lets obtain everything possible on these fucks and se if the police can use it! Secure all data on the poster so that the one doing so cannot remove data or alike.
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Re: What is skill in pick up?

Indlægaf Glow » søn 25. dec 2016 17:01

til alle - jeg har ringet til admins og rapporteret det!
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Re: What is skill in pick up?

Indlægaf Gregersen » søn 25. dec 2016 21:49

Rapporteret hvad?

Er der noget der mangler / er blevet slettet som vi ikke kan se?

On topic:

Jeg er til en vis grad enig.
Skill er nemlig at pushe sin comfort zone og gøre ting som man ikke selv har gjort før, og endnu vigtigere; konstant at blive ved med at pushe sig selv.

Jeg synes adskillelsen er vigtig, for man bliver kun bedre end man selv var, man bliver ikke (nødvendigvis) bedre end andre, og det er ikke et godt udgangspunkt for at lære.

Dertil kommer det også at pick-up ikke er et logisk skillset, men snarere et følelsesmæssigt skillset.
Ja man kan godt være logisk OMKRING det, men game i sig selv er følelsesmæssigt af natur. Selve 'spillet' og game er netop et forsøg på at kombinere noget logisk og følelsesmæssigt. Dog forbliver det overvejende følelsesmæssigt.
Det skriver du også indirekte selv, da du bemærker at godt humør tiltrække piger. Godt humør = gode følelser. Piger LEVER på følelserne.

Det er super godt at være bevidst om hvad man gør, og ikke mindst hvordan man trykker på de rigtige knapper og trækker i de rigtige håndtage. Denne del af det følelsesmæssige kaos er skill.

Det er svært at skille de to ting ad, men jeg synes du rammer essensen af det, når du siger man skal blive ved med at pushe sig selv.
For når man pusher sig selv så lærer man noget nyt, og når man lærer noget nyt så bygger man selvtillid, og det er allersidste ende en af kerneelementerne i game! :-D

En sidste ting jeg ikke kan undgå at tænke på er også, at en stor del af game jo netop ikke kun er at game kvinder, men også at game sig selv. At man er bevidst om hvordan man underholder sig selv, og derigennem skaber attraktion.
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