How to be and act around girls

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How to be and act around girls

Indlægaf Maggiez » tirs 15. aug 2017 12:07

This may be a difficult topic that I am going into today. First of all because there is no 100% defined way to act to get more girls and become more successful with girls. However im trying to show you the way from my perspective.
First of all.. be normal around girls. This may sound a bit weird, because a lot of guys think they need to show the girl something all the time or just try to brag or impress her. And girls don't like all this stuff they want a guy they can build some level of trust with. For that reason they want a guy who can be normal around them with out doing a lot of awkward and weird stuff to get her attention.
Be a leader.. at the same time girls wants a guy who is leading the way. Men should be acting so the girl can react to whats happening and follow him around. Guys who are very good with girls are most likely always leading the way. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't listen to the girls opinion on stuff. But try to lead first the girl will say no or come with other ideas if she doesn't like it and then you can try lead again with the inputs from the girl.
Be a man.. Don't be a shy boy sitting there looking at the girl you want to be a real man.. who takes what he wants.

These were the most important ones.. other that that I personally like to be a little bit hyped with good energy when I meet girls or people in general. Im not trying to fake the energy a lot.. but its good to have a little bit higher speed that on people so you don't come out as boring.. but can be this mindblowing guy who rocks her world.
To end up on I will say.. go out there and hunt them grills.. and don't be a little boy who is afraid be a real man who takes what he wants!! ;)
All the best// Maggiez
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