6 simple steps to have a good night

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6 simple steps to have a good night

Indlægaf eTrin » tirs 7. feb 2012 19:09

Ever had nights where you're just stuck in your head? Shit's not working out. You can't approach. You feel fear is overwhelming you.
You stand in the corner with your drink in your hand like a fag. Just another night with you and some internet porn?

Well here's the solution. I can guarantee that by following these simple steps that you will have a productive night and you might even get laid.
These are not new advanced shit technology. But basic shit that time and time again, people just seem to forget.

1. Go out!
You need to go out. Stop sitting at home in front of the computer. Stop going out sporadically. Stop coming up with lame ass excuses.
Just go the fuck out. I would recommend at least 3-4 x a week. If you can't do that then supply it with daygame. Thur, fri and sat should be for night game.

2. Approach your 5 girls immediately
You may be nervous. That's understandable. However accept it. The moment you walk into a bar. You should approach the first girl you see. Don't discriminate.
Fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, black, white or purble. JUST GO. Get your 5 sets of girls out of the way. The only criteria for success is the approach.
It will allow you to warm up. Allow you to get into the grove quickly and build momentum for the night.
So approach 5 girls before you even order a damn drink at the bar.

3. Approach as a Man.
After you've warmed up you should approach as a man. What do I mean by that?
Well stop approaching like a little fag and wave. Go hard. Go straight up. In her face. Eye contact. Good tonality.
You'll get a better response when approaching hard then trying to play it safe.

4. Engage physically
get physical right off the bat. Don't wait for it.
Handshake. Hug. Lift her up. Arm around her. hand holding.

5. Eye contact
It's such a basic thing but loads of people never do it. Eye contact can really make or break your game.
Hold eye contact with the girl. Smile while you do it. You don't want to stare but you want to be able to show
the girl that you are comfortable in your own skin.

6. Move things forward
For every minute that goes by you should be moving things more and more to sex.
That means talk about more sexual things. Escalate on her. Your physicality should turn more sexual.
You don't want to just stand around and wait for things to happen. You need to move it forward yourself.
Jo flere døre du banker på, jo flere vil åbne for dig !
Private Johnson
Indlæg: 30
Tilmeldt: fre 3. feb 2012 12:06

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