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Odense 'lair'? Im game :)

Indlæg: fre 7. apr 2017 10:29
af Don Romeo
Hej alle,

Min skriflige dansk er bare dårligt så jeg foretrækker at skrive på engelsk, jeg er englander men jeg studier dansk og i må godt svarer på dansk.

So yeah! I love your country and Ive been here a while now. My dad, like me, was a gigolo/beach boy and thats how he met his Danish wife. Hes been here ever since, Ive lived here on and off. So I end up in Odense of all places, and would like to know what Danish guys main concerns are with pulling girls here.

My game used to be shit-hot, but I gave it a break to focus on studying and get into a stable lifestle. Id like to learn more about pulling the girls here I guess, but also to see what I can offer other guys, and who the top players are in this city.

Im happy to go out and game :) (weather-permitting?), Im also happy to practice my Danish/your English and talk about the scene and the nature of Danish women..

Well I think thats everything that needs to be said, so lets hope this forum is active and you guys turn up. In Danish or English.


Don Romeo