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Girl From work

Indlæg: tors 16. mar 2017 00:01
af NikTheDik
So i work in a place where i get to chat with a lot of different people, and in doing so exchanged number w/ a hb who works in a store close to mine. We went on a couple of dates, haven't gotten too f-close her yet, since she's recently single from a long term relationship... and apparently i am fucking useless dealing with LMR :D

Anyways. after the second date, which involved heavy make-out and grinding sesh, i invited her out for a 3rd date. She rescheduled (for the folloiwing tuesday) due to an actual legit excuse. During the week we snapped a bit, she came by the store a couple of times for a quick chat, but eventually asked if we could reschedule again - moving the date 1 day. Well besides the fact that i don't care to be fucked around with, I really appreciate punctuality.... Well i didn't reply her request to reschedule, but instead called her a couple of hours later, where she didn't pick up. Now she haven't contacted me since, and neither have I contacted her. It's been a couple of days, and the day we were supposed to meet have passed.

Soooo... Should i give her another call, or wait for her to contact me?

Btw, I can feel the slow creeping of onitis symptoms coming on.

Ty guys in Advance!