Guide: How to prepare for dates

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Guide: How to prepare for dates

Indlægaf Wave » søn 15. sep 2013 17:14

How to prepare for dates
How-to guides are a tricky thing to write, especially when the subject is dating. The main challenge is that there are very few universal truths regarding this subject besides the fact that girls prefer good looking, kind and healthy, employed guys who can lead, dance and fuck. ( I do apologise for this one, and any upcoming far too long and unnecessary complicated sentences)

With those things in mind (and do remember to keep them there) Lets look at what you can do before meeting what could turn out to be your new special someone.

Maybe you've met a cute girl at a bar and got her number or maybe your have been lurking around one of those mighty popular online dating sites and arranged a date there. It could even be someone you have known for a while or a one night stand who have agreed to meet up again. The circumstances doesn't matter much, the important thing is that you are meeting a girl you are interested in, and you want to make a good impression.
Now I know that what you are probably most interested in at this very moment is which preparations will increase you chances of getting laid the most, I know I would if I was reading this. With that said out loud let's dive into this whole date preparation-thing. Or at least the why I think the preparations are within you control while the date itself is not.

When I go on a date, (and by "go" I'm referring to the actual walk towards the bridge where I meet most of my dates) what goes through my mind is something along the lines of "I'm really hoping that this is gonna go well, I'm really into this girl. I know I've prepared the best I could and now there not much left than to walk up to her and be my own slightly introvert but honest self". To just be yourself is such a cliché but it's the simple truth and being youself requires a lot less energy that trying to walk up to her as something else or something extra. Energy that could be spent on interesting conversation and genuine flirtation. You are who you are and that may or may not be good enough by her standards, but in this very moment on the way to this very bridge that's what you'v got. Nothing more, nothing less and you can't change it now anyway.
As soon as you realise this you can shed your nervousness and replace it with something less weak, like excitement for instance. Maybe like an elite marathoner, trimmed and shaped to perfection just waiting for the starter gun to go off, or simply as the causal runner who train regularly and knows his own limitations. Both are equally prepared even though they differ in both body and willpower. They know that no matter what, they can't perform beyond (or beneath) who or what they are. And neither can you. On this bridge. With this girl, who is now only 10 steps away and smiling like a beautiful angel (or like a filthy devil, whichever you prefer).

But what about the preparations so we can actually fuck (or have long, deep and thoughtful conversations with) this girl?
Yes, by all means let's get to the preparations.

Now you can't directly change who you are in just a few days, but you can certainly change how you feel. Now these two things aren't completely separate since they feed back into each other. This is important because our actions affects how we feel, so preemptive action is the actual key to feel good and be attractive when you go on dates.

So which actions do we take to be our best?

Now here comes the bullet points (if you have just skipped to this part I do encourage you to read the rest first, even though it's not strictly necessary for these bullets to work)

A. Clean up.
This is by far the most important advice in this guide and serves multiple purposes.
Cleaning up makes you relax and feel good, well maybe not the actual cleaning up process, but having a clean home and your stuff uncluttered does. You can find things easily and girls won't feel dirty just being there. At least not literally.
Do you really think a girl with allergies will enjoy visiting you again if she has snot running out her pretty little nose from the very moment she lies down on you cat-hair, pizza-box and dust infested couch for some cosy second base action? Girls often look for long term potential in dates and in todays society very few will be turned on by the thought of having to clean up your mess if the two of you end up living together.
The feeling of opening the door to your place with a new cute girl on the arm and feeling proud of where you live is just super nice. Not necessarily because it's flashy or expensive, but because it's yours and you take care of it. Proud guys are attractive.

B. Catch up.
Clear out the back of your mind. "Should do's" Are energy hogs. Energy you should rather use on getting to know and woo the person in front of you, a person who most likely deserves and appreciates your full attention. Every single postponed, eliminable subject on your to-do list on "date-night" will make you less attractive. Some more than others, but they will all affect you. Use your preparation time to eliminate them one by one and the likelihood of date-night turning into sex-night increases.

C. Shape up.
You are your body. You appreciate healthy girls, and girls appreciate a healthy you.
Remember to work out. Girls like guys who prioritise health. Being physically active will make you attractive in so many ways that not working out is pretty much the most contra-productive thing you can do if you want successful dates in you life. Working out gets your testosterone up, making you feel more manly, dominating and confident. It will create endorphins which will make happy, now which girl wouldn't want a fit, confident, happy, manly man?
Sleep. Get your 8 hours and increase testosterone levels while your are reducing stress hormones. Girls don't like sleep deprived zombie-men.
Eat healthy. Avoid processed food and sugars. Get most of your energy from vegetables, fat and meat and you can't really go wrong. Keeping a healthy diet up until your date also makes it easier to make a nice breakfast for a pretty girl the morning after. Imagine how she feels when she sees a clean kitchen full of healthy food.

D. Groom Up.
These are the lowest-hanging fruits, yet often neglected: Shave, cut, brush, floss, wash and cut you nails, including those on your toes so you won't have to keep your socks on while you're knocking boots.
Buy a good deodorant and not the cheap one from the supermarket. (Ask female friends for help choosing one if you're in doubt)
Dress for the occasion, I won't go into more details on this subject, but trust me there are thousand of guides on how to dress online or again you can ask a female friend for advice if in doubt. So remember to look nice, dress nice, smell nice and be nice when you go on a date.

E. Hands up.
Now this might be the toughest one, trust me I've tried. Just remember this is not some sort of weird catholic shaming stunt to save you from eternal damnation, my objective is to get (the both of) you laid, so bear with me while I explain. We all remember the movie There´s Something About Mary where Ben Stiller goes for a wank just before his date to "relive the tension". The reason why this is a bad idea is that you want tension on you date. Tension is not bad, it's the very essence of flirting and if your are disposing it right into your favourite tube-sock before dates, you are shooting yourself in the foot(wear). (I swear no more references to feet or footwear from now on). If you enforce a complete masturbation ban on yourself in the days preceding and the days following your date imagine the sexual energy you can display on the date, not to mention your motivation for a successful date. To use an analogy: Would you rather have your dinner guest showing up hungry and craving the delicious food you have spend hours cooking. Or how about them stopping at McDonalds on the way to your house just to "relieve the tension"?

F. Level up.
Get out into the world at experience stuff. What you did in the last week is the easiest to remember, if these days were composed of working out, eating healthy and getting important things done thats the person you are. If you hang out with friends and go out to interesting places thats who you are when you go out on the date and that's the kind of stories you will remember and want to talk about. If you do the opposite then you are the opposite.

Try to take a few seconds and just imagine the sensation in your body if you have achieved all these things before you head out for a date.

Now if it goes well, congratulations, you prepared well and you deserved it. If it didn't you have tried your best, the girl wasn't into you, it happens, but you still have a clean home, a blank to-do list and good health, making the preparations for your next date a hell of a lot easier.


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Re: Guide: How to prepare for dates

Indlægaf SoulPatch » tirs 12. nov 2013 00:37

Mmm... Rent guld i denne post. Sæd til øregangen om man vil. Og man behøver jo ikke gøre det sværere end det!

Fedt at kigge ind efter 100 år og så finde ægte kvalitet =)

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Re: Guide: How to prepare for dates

Indlægaf Wave » ons 13. nov 2013 18:19

SoulPatch er tilbage? med min sæd i øregangen :-D

Ja, ved ikke lige hvad der skete, tror jeg ville prøve at skrive om det mest essentielle som mange overser midt i pickup miljøets latterlige dogmer.
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