The Cube

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The Cube

Indlægaf tjrp » tirs 31. dec 2013 02:23

Hej, jeg har siddet og læst den her teknik igennem et par gange, og jeg kan hverken forstå hvad meningen med den er, og hvad man skulle få ud af den.
Er der nogen der har kendskab til den?

Lang post!

The cube game is an involved routine to learn and execute but one
that most girls enjoy. I wait until the first date to do it because
it takes a while to complete and you need an environment where
there are few distractions. 
Introduce it by saying, "Hey let's play a game. I'm going to ask
you a few questions and your answers will tell me all I need to
know about you." Tell her to relax before you begin, then start. As
you read the routine, pretend I'm doing it on you so you can try to
analyze your answers afterwards.
"Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert. It's a really big
desert and you are the only person there." She may close her eyes
to better imagine this scene. "Now in the middle of this desert,
there is a cube. Describe this cube to me, however you imagine it
to be." 
Ask about its size, its relation to the desert (on the floor,
floating in the air, etc.), and what material it's made out of.
Urge her to be as detailed as possible, and only continue when she
is completely done answering. 
"In addition to the cube, there is a ladder. Where is this ladder
in relation to the cube?" Ask what material it is made out of and
how many rungs it has. 
"Next up is a horse. Where is the horse in relation to the cube and
the ladder?" Ask her about the size, type, and color of the horse. 
"Now imagine flowers. Where are they in relation to the cube,
ladder, and horse?" Ask her about the quantity, color, and type of
flowers. Always give her time to provide rich details to get her
imagination going. 
"Finally, there is a storm in the horizon. Is the storm coming
closer to you, going away, or staying still?" Then tell her that
the game is finished and that her answers are very interesting.
Feel free to hype up the upcoming analysis by saying you learned
something about her that you didn't expect.
When it comes to the analysis, all you have to know is that the
cube is a representation of her, the ladder is her friends and
family, the horse is her lover, the flowers are her future
children, and the storm is a big problem. With a general idea of
what each one means, and your understanding of the girl, you will
make up an analysis that is both believable and accurate. 
Generally, a large cube means her ego is large. A small cube means
insecurity, but keep the analysis positive in this case by saying
she is timid or not in possession of a large ego. The material of
the cube displays strength. If her cube material is strong and
solid instead of hollow, this means she is a strong person capable
of handling problems without collapsing, and so on. A soft cube and
she is hesitant and needs a lot of assurances before starting a new
The ladder is her support circle. The closer her ladder is to the
cube, the more she relies on her friends and family. If the ladder
leans on her cube, she relies on them as much as they do. If the
ladder is on top of her cube, her circle may be smothering her. If
it's far away, she doesn't rely on them much. Rungs on a ladder say
how many people are close to her life. A strong ladder material
says she can count on her family and friends more than if it was
made with weaker material. 
The horse size says whether she wants a dominant or subordinate
male. A large horse means she wants to be led. A pretty horse like
a pony means she wants a metrosexual man. A small horse means she
wants to dominate her partner. The distance between the horse and
the cube and ladder says how close her lover will be to her life. A
horse in a cage (or otherwise immobilized) means she wants to
destroy you. 
The number of flowers says how many children she wants to have. The
closer they are to her lover (the horse) means the father will be
close to the children. I'm not sure what flower type is but you can
make it up to mean what type of gender she prefers or what she
wants her kids to be when they grow up. Finally, the storm's
movement signifies if a problem is coming or going towards her--if
she has to soon deal with something important or not. 
Let's do a sample analysis with answers that will be pretty
Say her cube is about four feet tall, made out of solid wood, and
slightly elevated off the ground. Her ladder is laying on top of
the cube, with ten rungs and made out of metal. There is a large,
black horse that is making circles around the cube and ladder and
there are three yellow dandelions very close by. Finally, she
envisions a storm that is neither coming nor going. 
For example if I knew that she is an artsy, independent type, here
is the analysis I would give: 
"The cube is a representation of you. Your cube is large, which
means you have a healthy ego and a high sense of self-worth. You
like to keep your head up. The cube is elevated off the ground so
that tells me you're a dreamer. You think a lot and tend to lean
towards the creative side of things instead of the analytical. Wood
is a strong material, meaning you see yourself as strong as well.
It cannot be easily broken. For instance the cube could be hollow
but it's not. 
"The fact that your ladder is on top of you means that others rely
on you for support and advice more than you rely on them. So
sometimes you feel smothered. Each rung represents a person who you
are close to, so you have a lot of people that place their trust in
you. The ladder is made out of metal, a strong material, which says
your support network is strong and dependable. 
"The horse is your lover. Its large size means you want to be led,
and maybe even dominated. But the horse is not too close to the
cube and ladder, so this means you want space from your lover as
"The three flowers means you want a small family. Yellow is a
neutral color so you imagine at least one boy and one girl. They
are close to the cube and ladder which is good because children
should be close to you and your friends and family. It's hard to
tell from your answers where you lover fits in. 
"Finally, the storm represents a problem. It's neither going nor
coming, which means that there may be an issue you have that is
staying with you indefinitely."
Because the cube game is involved, it is best you practice it on at
least five other people before you do it on a date. If you get lost
in your analysis, just shovel back what you already know about her
without being too obvious about it. 
For instance if the guy friend you are doing it on for practice is
an alpha male type, tell him his cube says he feels confident with
his decision making and likes to lead. If your date is a really
insecure girl, tell her that she is sometimes filled with doubt and
goes through periods of uncertainty. 
I've never had a girl who didn't eat up my cube analysis and it's
not because I was necessarily right, but because girls love playing
games that supposedly reveal their true nature. (By the time you do
the cube on her, she has done a hundred of those multiple-choice
personality quizzes.) Even if you are wrong, she will love telling
you how and why, so in the process you really do learn more about
After you're done giving her analysis, feel free to tell her what
your answers to the cube were when your friend (i.e. me) did it on
you. I guarantee you she'll be curious to hear it. 
The cube game takes a lot of practice and homework but it's worth
it because it gives you experience with cold reading, a method of
spitting vague generalities that on the surface seem very personal
and accurate. Generally, the more complicated a routine, the bigger
payoff it has if you execute it correctly. 
Before I knew how attraction really worked, I'd approach a girl and
talk about boring topics such as work or her favorite movies, and
then she would politely excuse herself from the conversation only a
couple minutes into it. But now I know better. When you talk about
more interesting topics, she sees you as more INTERESTING. Duh,
right? With a couple additional techniques, the "interesting" is
turned into strong attraction. 
Once attraction is built you can get her number and take her on a
date later, or go for the one night stand (my preferred method). I
teach you how to do all this in my book Bang, with very specific
steps and guidelines. And of course my book tells you how to keep a
conversation going, whether you just met her or are on a date. 
If you had more knowledge about how to use conversation to build
attraction, would you get laid more than you are now? If you
answered yes, why not take a test drive of Bang. I offer a
money-back guarantee so there is no risk to you if it turns out
being different than what you expected. Click the link below to
order today...
Also if you liked this newsletter, please forward it on to a friend. Thanks!


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Re: The Cube

Indlægaf Moderator » tirs 31. dec 2013 03:38

Form for personlighedstest har jeg forstået den som
Everytime a girl rejects me, doesnt pick up the phone, or flakes, i will use it as fuel for my next approaches, to hit it even harder and be more aggressive.
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Re: The Cube

Indlægaf Chacruna » tirs 31. dec 2013 06:09

Jep, Moderator har ret, det er en form for personlighedstest. Jeg synes The Cube er god hvis man gerne vil blive bedre til Cold Reading. Hvis man gerne vil være god til at score, hmmm, perhaps not so much.....
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Re: The Cube

Indlægaf TheBoss » tirs 31. dec 2013 13:47

Så vidt jeg har forstået, er det en rutine til comfort building. Dvs formålet er at snakke dybt og personligt med tøsen så hun føler sig tryg ved dig og føler at hun kender dig. For der efter nemmere at kunne knalde hende selvfølgelig ;-)
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Re: The Cube

Indlægaf Ross » tirs 31. dec 2013 16:25

Jeg har brugt Kuben et par gange og den er rigtig god til comfort building.. Men den er lidt et gimmick og egentlig ikke nødvendig, den er dog god til at hjælpe en med at cold reade bedre.
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