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PIMP noter og paradigmer

Indlægaf Kaizer » søn 9. mar 2014 16:53

Julien har udgivet PIMP, som jeg er i gang med at se. So far

- calibrating after, not before
- how to get away with saying insanely offensive jokes even if she doesn't like it
- false time constrain to take the pressure off the girl from a different frame of mind rather than trying to keep her there so you can trick her
- pressure on, pressure off (a better way of understanding the dynamics of push pull)
- grounding realness in the interaction so that you can connect to her in a logical way, not just emotional
- talking to everyone and taking MASSIVE action so that you ELIMINATE your brain from even thinking and therefore living in the moment
- gaining as much reference experience as possible by treating every girl as a 10
- dictating the rhythm of the interaction initially and trying many different emotions to engage her (hooking)
- setting a man to woman vibe without even touching the girl
- explaining masculine polarity in a more applicable way towards pickup
- validation stacking
- investment hoops to create a frame where the girl is chasing you (i.e. making girls get on their knees in the middle of a bar and actually make them feel LESS SLUTTY by sleeping with you)
- "it doesn't count as sex"
- "it makes it sexier"
- "we have to... for your fiance. it's not fair for you to be thinking about me when you're with him."
- crazy drama
- hand of god (credit: James 'Evil Stiffler' Chrisp )
- you become addicted to the state you are in the most (credit: Derek) to help quit drinking
- girls live in the emotion of the moment and backwards rationalize
- creating the "hub" (reinterpertation of merging sets)
- creating togetherness (reinterpertation of creating comfort)
- pushing your comfort zone
"Make it, don't take it, make it, don't fake it."
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