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Enige tøser?

Indlægaf peter pik » søn 27. jan 2013 23:35

Ask a man for help. Most men can’t help but help. Once he does that,
you can reward him by saying, “Thank you, my name is ” (First name
only, full name is too business like.) Let him extend his hand for a
handshake. Then you ask him for help again, you ask him for a bit of
information. This tells him that you trust his judgment and that you
want his honest opinion. Men can’t help but solve problems. Once he
does that, you tell him “You are so helpful, thank you.” Then you go
into conversation with him. Start by asking him what line of work he is
in. Men can’t help but talk about what they do. If you like how the
conversation goes, you then try to get a date. Do this by asking him if
he knows of a nice coffee shop near by. If he does not know of one, ask
him if he has heard of the coffee shop. If he does not offer to
take you there, suggest that it would be nice to meet him there some
time in the future.

Thus, you go in with three things: 1) Something you need help with, 2)
some piece of information or advice you need, and 3) the name of a near
by coffee shop.

Remember that men often would like to make the move but don’t for one of
many reasons – they are shy – they don’t want to sound like they are
trying to pick you up – they don’t have any bright idea at the moment -
etc. They later kick themselves for not doing it. Don’t let their not
approaching you be taken as a brush off. You can do more than just
smile at them and hope for the best.
peter pik
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