Mange flakes - for aggressiv?

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Mange flakes - for aggressiv?

Indlægaf Flight » tirs 4. aug 2015 19:56

Hej alle!

Min første post herinde. Jeg har været social og ret udadvendt de seneste 6-7 år, men kun målrettet øvet game siden marts i år.
Jeg skrev følgende på et internationalt forum, og som den doventrold jeg er, vælger jeg at håbe på, at I forstår det på engelsk, og alligevel gerne vil læse det og give mig de tips, I kan. Det ville være meget påskønnet.

Efter min egen opfattelse er jeg lidt kønnere end gennemsnittet, mit ansigt er hverken truende eller intenst. Smal kropsbygning (tror aldrig nogen har følt sig fysisk truet af mig), jeg er generelt smilende, konfliktsky og har ret god social forståelse. Jeg kan være ret energisk at se på, især når jeg danser.

I'm trying to reduce my flake rate, and I realised it probably hasn't very much to with my texting. In other words, what I must face is the harsh truth that my interactions are probably not as good for the girls as I think they are.

Sunday I got 4 numbers. Here's how they went:
1) Daytime. German girl, stopped her with "I saw you walk by and I thought you were cute." She was very flattered and smiling. I got her number, and then I went with the "let's get married now" play, her friend was there, she agreed to marry us, but the one I was going for hesitated while still smiling. I may have been a bit too aggressive. I held her hands often, which worked quite well, but she also pulled them back once or twice. Also, by the end of the interaction, I asked whether the friend would endorse a very quick wedding kiss, and the girl I was on said no. But it all happened in a light manner, we parted with smiles.

2) Daytime. Austrian girl. Rather quick approach. Same opener as before. I almost went straight for the number, but then I thought I'd better make this more interesting for her, something that she can remember and that will give her emotions. So I teased her by saying that she was dressed in all black and probably a real bully who pushed people into the water and ran away (there was a lake nearby). Some other stuff I don't remember - took the number and we parted (she was already on her way out of the park when I first stopped her, and I had friends waiting for me).

Then the evening came. Entered a very small bar/dance floor. It wasn’t so crowded and still quite early, maybe around 10 pm. I went straight to the dance floor. Two girls there were dancing, one of them twerking, so I tried to mimic the twerking and they thought it was either funny/sexy enough to start talking to me. Somehow they quickly steered the conversation to the fact that one of them wasn’t wearing a bra, so they encouraged me to feel her breast, and then compare to the other one’s breasts. The more attractive, twerking-girl also briefly lifted up her shirt so I could see her breasts (in a bra). They made me feel once more to compare. I was pretty relaxed in that moment, was riding on a high, but thinking back, this is the kind of stuff that I didn’t think would really happen to me – two slightly above average girls asking me to feel their breasts on a dance floor within 2 minutes of meeting them.

While dancing with them, I also saw a short brunette smiling at me (who probably didn’t see the boob-grabbing). Her male friend gestured me over to them and introduced me to her – a girl from Argentina. She was slightly shy. After some casual dancing and chit-chat I asked if she wanted to come outside for air. We sat on a bench. After some talking and me escalating quite aggressively, we made out. After some more talking I asked if she wanted to go somewhere else for a drink, to which she agreed. She would wait by the bench while I went inside to find my sweater.

3) On my way out of the club after getting my sweater, I spotted the twerking-girl, who was now a bit drunk. I said to her that I was leaving but wanted to see her again. She said she was kind of seeing someone, I asked if it was serious, she said no. I said “then I’ll take your number, but first I’ll kiss you” – we made out for about a minute while I could grab her ass. Took her number and walked out after another quick couple of kisses.

4) Walked back outside to the Argentinian. We spent at least 2 hours together from 11pm till 1am. Walked her to her apartment. She wouldn't have me inside, but we had a beer by the water near her place where we made out a lot, I felt up her body a lot, and she felt mine a bit. I walked her to her door, almost forgot to get her number. Then we kissed a little more and I walked off.

So far, it doesn't look like anything will happen with either of these girls, so a 4/4 flake ratio, although I thought they all went quite well. Girl 1) responded once and then stopped, girl 3) said "no thanks, I was drunk, but nice to meet you", and 2) and 4) haven't responded. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, because during the approach, they seem excited, flattered, happy, and two of them I made out with. Perhaps the missing element is comfort. I used to be a shy guy who would talk for hours and never get to the point of escalating and getting physical, so I would not expect this to become a problem of mine, but now I wonder if I have gone overboard and I'm not good enough at making the girls trust me - building psychological comfort.

In addition, there have been quite a few occasions before where the girl and I would make out, but then after a couple of days, they declined on meeting again. In these dates I have also escalated. I feel I have been myself, honest and congruent, but I haven't showed much of my vulnerable or insecure sides. I haven't gotten into very deep conversations with them on these occasions, either.

Maybe they think I'm just interested in fucking them, or I'm going too fast. Perhaps I come across as a player. I'm not leaving very much to their imagination, perhaps. Or they may have felt physically attracted and kissed, but not really trusting me. I know that you guys can't easily comment on it since you haven't seen me game, but do you have any tips?
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Re: Mange flakes - for aggressiv?

Indlægaf Happytalk » ons 5. aug 2015 21:57

As i read it. Less dancing monkey/jokes.. And more comfort where they get to know you.. And you ask her more in depth questions.

What you night want to avoid is her thinking the day after "he was just that funny guy.. And then we made out, BUT I DONT REALLY KNOW HIM"

She really needs to fall for You.. What your passion in life is.. She needs to fall for your personality.

I have been there many years ago when I, at that time.. I where like a magicion stacking routines. But in the end i where just that funny guy-dancing monkey. She really needs to get to know you. can try the first sms like: hi GirlName, nice meating you at xyz place. Compliment on something you like on her personality/passion. Put you question or statement here.

This Reminds her where she met you and a little bit what you talked about.

So to rap up: less dancing monkey and more comfort.. And use close to zero routines after 10 minutters.
Nothing to loose.
Find. Seduce. Repeat.

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